Guide to acquiring a visa for an internship in Brazil

Hi, you are probably accepted to do an internship in Brazil and have heard that applying for a visa is a lot of hassle because of all the documents that you need. The steps you need to take to apply for a visa can be really confusing and many make the mistake of bringing the wrong documents, which will only result in unneeded stress. This guide will hopefully help you with acquiring your visa.

Step 1

The required documents needed to apply for a visa can change every year and are also different per nationality. The first step is to make an appointment with the Brazilian consulate to ask what documents are required in your situation.  An appointment can be made online:

If they ask for a VOG document please ask the consulate at your appointment for a statement or else your municipality will not let you apply for a VOG.

Step 2

The rest of this document will mostly be focused on applying for a visa with a Dutch nationality, if you do not have a Dutch nationality please apply for a visa with the documents required by the Brazilian consulate.

If you went to the consulate they probably told you, you need to apply for an IV sandwich program visa and asked for the following documents:

  • VOG document
  • Birth certificate
  • Acceptance letter from the Brazilian university
  • Proof of that your bank account has at least 700 euros per month (if you go for 5 months you are required to have 3500 euros on your account)
  • Flight tickets to Brazil
  • State of enrollment( needs to be legalized by DUO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate)
  • Document that states your health insurance covers you in Brazil

Step 3

When you’re handing in the statement of your VOG document please also apply for your birth certificate at your municipality, you can only apply for the birth certificate at the municipality where you were born in.

Step 4

The state of enrollment can be obtained by asking your school. After you have received this document, which should be written in English, the document needs to be legalized by DUO, DUO is located in Groningen, and you can obtain this document in two ways: the First is of course by travelling to Groningen and getting it legalized there, this will be done there within 15 minutes. If you do not fancy travelling all the way up north, you can also send your original letter of enrollment to DUO and your document will be legalized within two weeks.

Step 5

After getting your letter of enrollment legalized by DUO you should go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and get the same document legalized by them.

Step 6

To get the proof of having a bank account that has at least 700 euros per month of your time in Brazil on it, just take a print screen of your bank account that shows you have this amount of money. Also print out the flight tickets that show your day and time of departure from and to Brazil. At last contact your health insurance if they can send you a letter with proof that you are insured in Brazil

Step 7

When you have all your documents, make an appointment again with the Brazilian consulate and bring along your passport and a photo ID. Your state of enrollment will also be legalized one more time by the consulate itself. Be aware that the consulate will keep your passport to process your visa application, this can be 1-3 weeks.

Step 8

Congratulations! Hopefully you have received your visa, got your passport back and are ready to travel to Brazil for your internship. Before you leave the consulate ask them if you can apply for a CPF, applying for a CPF is sort of obtaining a personal number that is needed to buy and apply for various things. You can do this when you arrive in Brazil, but doing it at the consulate in Rotterdam will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Hopefully you have found this guide useful and have fun in Brazil!


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